Stand Out of the Crowd to Attract More Franchisees

New franchise opportunities are popping up every day, so differentiating your business is the best way to stand out from the crowd. Vision Alliance shares some simple ways that you can do this, by using an age-old marketing strategy: The Unique Selling Proposition.

Step 1 – Identify the Unique

Think about your business. What is unique about your offering? Some good qualities to start with are robust processes, return on investment, brand awareness or maybe marketing support. The trick is to understand what it is your competitors offer and to differentiate yourself from that. Of course there will be some cross over – but if you can offer multiple benefits, this will all stack up and translate to a unique offering.
Be sure you tune into all the real benefits and not just the stand ourt features that your business offers a potential franchise and also the marketplace.
Step 2 – Selling your competitive advantage

After you’ve identified what you do well and the benefits to prospective franchisees, make a list and consider whether it’s realistic. If you have listed that you have robust processes, ask how this can be easily demonstrated Vision Alliance adds : and also how that will benefit the franchisee as well as the franchisees customer. You want to ensure that if you are promoting this benefit, it’s able to be demonstrated on a consistent daily basis. Aim to list 3-5 points that you can always over-deliver on, and ones that your competitors may not be able to match.

Step 3 – Proposition your potential franchisees

Now that you have your list, tell everyone about it by printing it on the back of business cards, on company signage, websites, reception counters and directory listings (like or memberships (eg. the Franchise Council of Australia). If you have a small budget, you may want to advertise online or in print. The key is to understand where your prospects are looking and the tools they use to find you. This will ensure you spend your marketing dollars where it counts.

Once you have your Unique Selling Proposition, and you have the right presentation packs in place, it’s easy to market your Franchise business opportunity. has a number of affordable and measurable advertising options for every franchisor.

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