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Virtual Marketing Manager
Marketing Expertise without the Expense

An on-demand marketing advice service designed for Small & Medium Businesses

Are you in need of ongoing marketing guidance and advice to support you with your marketing decisions & projects ?

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed leading and managing your marketing initiatives? You’re not alone. 
  • Wish you had an in-house marketing manager without the high salary overhead that comes with employing top talent?

Skip the guesswork, trial and error by partnering with an Expert Marketing Manager

Our flagship Virtual Marketing Manager program enables you to do what you do best while we step in as your own Marketing Manager or Chief Marketing Officer and help with managing the execution of your marketing initiatives and plan. 

As your virtual marketing manager we will work as an extension of your team and with the best interest for your business and marketing outcomes. As the central resource for steering marketing efforts there’s no need to feel stressed or overwhelmed about managing your marketing again.

We offer two virtual marketing management support options:

  1. Virtual Marketing Manager or
  2. Virtual CMO (Chief Marketing officer) for the larger businesses.

Not quite there for a Marketing Manager?

Just need someone to answer your marketing questions when you have them? Why not try our MarketingMentor Membership. Talk to Us Today.  


Feel Confident with our Expert Marketing Advice When You Need it Most

Do you have a solid marketing strategy & system in place?

Managing your marketing projects and initiatives, tools, resources and team can often be challenging and outright overwhelming. Often times in small business it’s just not feasible to hire a full time marketing executive to oversee these marketing activities. Yet marketing and the results that come from marketing are the lifeblood to any business. 

We created our Virtual CMO and Virtual Marketing Manager program for that very reason. To provide you with the expert knowledge and skills of a marketing executive on-demand when you need it most.  And if you need our team to take the load off and do the implementation side of your marketing campaigns we can get that done for you to. *done for you services are additional 

Key Areas We Can Help You Manage

Define Your
Strategic Objectives

Increase Awareness

Increase Your Competitive Advantage

Improve Lead Generation & Conversion

Manage Quarterly & Annual Objectives

Create Leverage With The Right Tech Stack

Improve The Customer Experience

Improve & Optimise
For Results

Let us help you grow your business faster

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What are the benefits of a Virtual Marketing Manager or Virtual CMO
  • Power your revenue with solid strategies & tactics.
  • Create personalised, automated sales and marketing to efficiently move leads through your sales pipeline.
  • Never let a deal slip through the cracks again and
  • Eliminate the follow-up fallout 
  • Create fans so you never have to sell to just any client, and
  • Free your time to focus on what matters most to you

As a leader in your business, often times you are expected to have the answers to every situation which we both know is almost impossible. Who do you turn to when you need to bounce ideas off, seek expert advice or help you make an important decision in your business. Your Virtual CMO or Virtual Marketing Manager provides you the advice you need to steer your marketing decisions.

As a small business owner chances are you’re wearing many hats and juggling it all and perhaps often times you feel completely out of control when it comes to managing all the key areas of your business. Your Virtual Marketing manager can share the load by helping you steer the projects or with our Virtual CMO program we will run it for you. We will explore multiple scenarios and options, troubleshoot problems and challenges and help build momentum as soon as possible.

How many times do you feel like you’re chasing the next Big Idea or Bright Shiny Object. As Your Virtual Marketing Manager or Virtual CMO we can explore your ideas, think-tank and brainstorm to determine the viability quickly before deciding on whether it’s worth bringing it to life or moving it to the side.

We will manage the implementation team and guide them through your projects or if you would like to use our implementation team and marketing agency team please let us know. Done for you services are additional.

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