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Thinking of Franchising Your Business?

We will help you make it possible for a fraction of the cost

Franchise Your Business with Confidence & Certainty

Vision Alliance brings decades of experience to helping you franchise your business, then launch, grow and scale your new franchise brand.

When considering if you should franchise your business there is a lot of information and opinions out there. Some wrong, some right and some that is outright irrelevant and confusion. So when it comes to know how to franchise your business, it is important to know whether or not franchising is right for your business, what it will take to franchise your business, how to get started, critical mistakes to avoid and the secrets to how to successfully franchise your business. Within that context this brief guide will get to the heart of franchising, what franchising can mean for your business and proven steps that you can take to launch your franchise.

The ultimate aim of franchising your business is to help you, create leverage,  grow and scale your business faster without exhausting your own capital reserves, make more money and create more time to do the things you love.

An end-to-end Solution

We offer the most comprehensive end-to-end franchise development service available. 

  • Determine market viability and feasibility,
  • Design your franchise & financial model
  • develop your franchise documentation , franchise manuals and systems
  • Territory Mapping with online software
  • Develop your franchise recruitment & sales process and documentation
  • Develop you marketing strategy and launch plan
  • Prepare your franchise legals
  • support you during your launch; and
  • help you grow & scale to achieve your franchise goals.

Fixed Fee Pricing

We offer a fixed fee pricing structure a weekly payment plan option so there are no surprises and you can franchise your business with clarity, confidence and cashflow.

  • Fixed Fee Pricing
  • Weekly Payment Plans Available
  • Legal Agreements Bundled in with our legal team partners
Program and finance options to suit every need and budget. 

Real Hands On Experience

We don’t just hold qualifications in franchising, business, marketing & entrepreneurial management, we’re the real deal when it comes to growing and scaling businesses. 

Since 1991 we’ve been building & growing businesses and have also been:

  • An International Regional Franchisor
  • A Master Franchisee; 
  • Licensee; and
  • Founder of multiple 6,7 & 8 figure businesses

We have seen business franchising from all lenses & bring this experience and value to you. 


Can I Franchise My Business?

You’re in the right place if you’re business is successful, you are looking to expand your business and if you have identified or are considering franchising as a potential expansion option. What I do know and what you should know, is that for the right business and the right entrepreneur, franchising is a proven and powerful tool for business expansion. So, if …

  • you are a business owner
  • Your business has been successful; and
  • You are now looking for an expansion option;

Then franchising may be the answer for you

VisionAlliance -We help Small businesses succeed through franchise

Let us help you franchise
better, faster, cheaper

Find out how in a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session

3 Steps to Franchise Success


30 Min Franchise Roadmap Session

Chat with our franchise consultants, in a FREE no-obligation, strategy session to discover if franchising is right for you. We will ask you about your current business, guide you step-by-step through the franchise process and help you understand all the elements involved in franchising your business.


Franchise Feasibility

Before you franchise your business, chances are you will want to know if you and your business is suited to franchising. We will map the potential and opportunities that exist in the market and determine the initial financial viability of franchising your business.


Get Started with the Franchise Your Business Program

Our Signature Franchise Blueprint program offers an end-to-end solution in helping you franchise your business. Going through our 4 Step Franchise Your Business Blueprint we help you Design, Develop and Launch your franchise brand into the marketplace, helping you go from local business to National and International Franchise Success.

Is Franchising Your Business
Right for You?

Find out how in a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session


Most frequent questions and answers

Franchising allows businesses to expand at a faster rate than what could be achieved without franchising. While franchising is certainly a fantastic growth vehicle for many businesses, it is not the right move for everyone. During our initial call we will determine what growth strategy and business model will suit you and your business best. As much as we love franchising, this is about what’s right for you. It could be licensing, organic growth or a joint venture model. What ever the model, we will ensure it’s developed with the right intentions and with your end goals in mind.

The most successful franchises in the world today are supported by great systems and are driven and lead by great people. To be a successful franchisor you will be a great coach, leader and communicator. You are genuinely interested in helping others succeed and have a together mindset rather than a them and us mentality.

The quality of a franchise system has a significant impact on the future success of the franchise due to the demands it can have on the core business and its ability to support its growth. It important your operations manuals and documents and training systems are in place to ensure a strong foundation for success. Success in any business also relies heavily on both franchisor and franchisee “doing the right things in the right order at the right time.

We offer an end-to-end solution in helping you franchise your business. Depending on your needs and budget and time frame we offer a couple of different ways you can gain access to our franchise consulting and franchise programs. It’s also important to consider all the other fees associated with franchising your business which we would be happy to go through with you during your complimentary strategy session. Our fees start from $16,000 and range up to $85,000 including legal agreements. Book a call with Tania Allen directly you will be pleasantly surprised at our franchise packages. 

Absolutely! Whether you want a couple of franchise territories mapped initially or the entire country our territory mapping experts can help you get clear on the right territory mix for you.

We have partnered with Australia’s leading franchise legals team to bring you Fixed Fee Franchise Legals when bundled with our franchise consulting or franchise blueprint program

Depending on what systems you already have in place in your business, we have helped business franchise their business in as little as 90 days. However for the majority it can take around 6-12 months. Ask us about our Franchise KickStart Program… We can get you on the path to franchising your business in as little as 8 weeks. 

Franchise Consulting to Support You

Franchise Development

Franchise Marketing

Franchise Recruitment

Franchise Advisory

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