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Go From Local to National & International Success Faster
Using Our Signature Franchise Recruitment Process

Franchise Recruitment

We work with our clients in the selection of the “right” candidates for their franchise

At Vision Alliance we believe that it is important to take the necessary time required to recruit franchisees into your network. It’s like building a house. You wouldn’t build a house without first laying down solid foundations, so why would you want to build a franchise network without laying down and building solid foundations that will support the recruitment of the “right” franchisees. Our aim is to ensure long term success for all.

Unlike many other franchise consultants, we make sure we take the time to understand our clients needs from our very first meeting. Vision Alliance integrates a systematic and structured system throughout the entire recruitment process, ensuring that all parties receive professional and thorough advice.

Unlike a broker, we are involved in the recruitment, screening and recommendation of suitable franchise buyers for all Franchisor clients.  Prospective franchisees are advised and guided throughout the process by the Vision Alliance team in evaluating and researching the franchise of their choice.

One Size Just Can’t Fit All

We acknowledge that the “one size fits all” approach just doesn’t produce great results, so we take the time to work with our clients building a recruitment strategy that suits the individual franchise model and industry. Not all franchise models require a high level engaging advertising campaign to attract the highest quality of prospects. Some require a more subtle approach, granting franchises to those who are truly passionate about the industry they are thinking of entering. With this in mind we will sit down with our clients and tailor our approach to the individual needs of the client, the market and the opportunity.

Ready to Start Recruiting More Franchisees?

Our Process or Yours

Whilst most clients are happy for us to follow our own proven recruitment process, however we acknowledge some franchisors have invested a lot of time, energy and money into developing their own recruitment process. With this in mind we choose to provide a flexible approach where we can take your candidates through your recruitment process or ours.

No matter what process we follow, we ensure every candidate will be fully educated about the opportunity throughout the process the background of the candidate is fully investigated all candidates are provided with all the legal documentation required under the franchise code; every candidate is assisted through the due diligence process when dealing with lawyers, solicitors and bankers

If following the Vision Alliance franchise recruitment process, once the candidate has successfully completed this rigorous process they are then introduced to the franchisor for a final interview and final approval from the franchise owner. Some franchisors would prefer to meet the candidate in the early stages of the process and that’s fine. We tailor the process to suit the individual client.

We do believe though that all good things take time and that success comes to those who grant franchisees compared to those who choose just to sell them.

In more mature franchise networks we can take each candidate through a personality profiling analysis as an additional service. This tends to add more value to the franchisor with a more mature franchise network as they can compare results against the high and low performers in their network.

How We Work With You

Taking the right steps to ensure we match the best possible candidate to the best franchisor opportunity is vital. Our process begins with the review of your existing recruitment process, or redesigning your recruitment process, or in some cases starting from scratch and developing a recruitment process that’s right for the individual franchisor.

From recruitment program development to developing marketing strategies and 90 day action plans, nothing is left to chance. Your Vision is our Passion and we are committed to ensure you build long term sustainable success for you and your franchise network…