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We believe in small business and their vision

Our Vision is to inspire, to empower, to motivate; and to make a difference to the lives of business owners and individuals worldwide, so that they can maximise their potential and simply get more out of business and more out of life.

We believe in:

  • Fostering passion in our clients.
  • Delivering world class knowledge and solutions to the marketplace.
  • Proactively working alongside businesses and their owners, helping them maximise their potential, and;
  • Being a company with strong values committed to the empowerment and development of our clients and the Vision Alliance Team.

At Vision Alliance, we recognise that our clients place an enormous amount of trust in us, therefore we must retain that trust by giving our commitment to partner with them, as an extension of their business, with passion and with vision, working proactively together for the desired outcomes and goals.

Our culture and values are the core of who we are. Our values provide a common platform to operate, a guiding set of principles for the entire team to follow, live by, deliver and do. Most company’s values are nouns. You will see our Values are verbs, as verbs are doing words and we believe values are things that we do every single day when with a colleague, a team member, a client or ourselves.

We do what we say we'll do
We walk the talk. Our daily actions are tied to our purpose of helping small businesses maximise their potential and get more out of business and more out of life. As individuals, we commit to these goals and then hold ourselves and each other accountable—no matter how difficult or what challenge we face.
We are Flexible
We believe every business owner deserves the right to get more out of their business. We are therefore committed to being flexible in everything we do. Flexible in the solutions we offer, and flexible in our service, and flexible in our approach, which means we are able to and open to change, if what we are doing just isn’t working.
We Work As a Team
We do believe that collectively Together Everyone Achieves More. As a team we are focused on co-operation, collaboration, resolution and achieving combined outcomes. For our clients, we work as an extension of their team, helping them turn their vision into realty.
We Keep It Simple
Success is not about making things complicated. It’s about doing the right things in the right order with a view to always keeping it simple.
We Look at Things Differently
We will always find a way to look at things in a different way
We Focus on Long Term Progess
We value the long term and not just the short term gain. Long term value – long term relationships - Long term results for everyone.
We Take Ownership
At Vision Alliance we acknowledge that as individuals we are 100% responsible for our own actions and our outcomes in business and in life. We are therefore individually accountable for our own results and know that for things to change, things must first change within ourselves.
We Have an Attitude for Gratitude
We are truly grateful for the opportunities, our clients and the experiences that come into our business & our lives
We Do The Right Thing
We are committed to always do the right thing for our customers, our colleagues and team members and ourselves.
We Empower Small Business Owners
We share our knowledge and expertise to help small businesses grow and thrive. Empowering them to take inspired action towards the attainment of their dreams and goals.
We Maintain Balance
We are committed to a balanced approach to business and life, remembering that my spiritual, social, physical and family aspects are just as important as my financial and intellectual aspects. Our goal is always to do what is most important to us in any point in time.
We Practice Open & Honest Communication
We serve others by communicating openly and honestly. Mindful that all communication should empower and propel others forward and not bring them down.

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