As a franchisor, getting the most out of what we do can be challenging for even the best of us. So how do we empower the franchisees in our network to bring out the best in themselves? How do we create more synergy within our business network, decrease
feelings of being overwhelmed and ultimately produce higher levels of success?

We hear it and we see it all the time. Some franchisees just have what it takes to build momentum seamlessly, without needing or wanting much support from the franchisor, whilst others can’t seem to get it right and steer their ship to higher ground. So how do you, as a franchisor, assist your franchisees in new ways to help them build more momentum in their business and themselves?

Be sure your franchisees know their outcomes and take consistent action to achieve them

When we jump in a car, on a boat or on a plane, we always know where we want to go. In
fact, we humans spend more time planning our vacations than we do our business or our life. It’s no wonder so many businesses struggle to build the momentum they need and want. Regardless of what business or industry you are in, it’s important your franchisees (from the moment they make their enquiry about your franchise) are empowered to know and truly identify their desired outcomes. In other words, your franchisees need to know what they truly want.

It’s one thing for them to set goals and say they want a successful business. It is another thing to really define what success means to them and then know the exact steps to take to achieve this success.

A great place to start is by educating your franchisees in how to lay some foundations
around goal setting and goal achievement. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the SMART criteria for setting goals. What I have found though, is there is a major flaw in this criteria.

Most people know how to set goals; very few know how to consistently achieve their goals. Your franchisees will have a better chance at achieving higher levels of success if they:
1. Define what success truly means to them
2. Build a mindset for success
3. Use the SMART model – but add an A to the end

By adding the A – you include the missing element to setting goals and that is ACTION.
This gives you Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound and Actionable goals. By knowing what steps to take and in what order to take them and by taking consistent ACTION, your franchisees will soon be on their way to achieve their outcomes.

Encourage a mindset shift for more consistent results

With an understanding that human beings are conditioned by our past experiences, it’s vital to empower your franchisees to think differently and do things differently in order to have different results. If our thoughts and beliefs determine our behaviours and the actions we take and if the actions we take determine the results we get in our business and in our life, then isn’t it obvious what we have to change first?

For some it’s obvious. For most it’s not. Most people believe we just have to change our habits and actions and this will change our results. The problem is we find our old habits creeping back because we haven’t made a mental shift toward permanent change. Permanent change comes from strengthening the foundations and changing the core or root beliefs. This, in turn, will influence behaviours, habits and actions on a
whole new level. This new level will bring about faster results and more momentum then you ever thought possible.

How do you help your franchisees make that shift?

Based on this understanding, if we want franchisees to produce better results, we have
to go to the foundations and make a change within the mindset of each and every one of our franchisees. We have to change what they are thinking. This will then influence a change in their root beliefs, which will bring about a new sense of confidence and clarity and ultimately better results.

Now I know what you are thinking, “I can’t possibly help every franchisee change their
mindset.” That’s almost impossible. Here’s a mindset shift right now. Everything is possible if you put your mind to it. Using some simple belief altering techniques, you have the opportunity to help shift your franchisees mindsets quite quickly and effectively. Of course, they are responsible for their success, so ultimately it’s up to them.

Steps to changing your ‘mind’


1. Have your franchisees define what success means to them.

2. Encourage your franchisees to set goals regularly. Be sure they are written down
and, more importantly, be sure there is an action plan in place so that they can take the
necessary actions to achieve these goals. Ninety day cycle action plans are best for
building momentum fast.

3. Have your franchisees commit to their success. Most people think they are committed and then contradict themselves by not being willing to do what it takes to reach their goals.

4. Hold them accountable to being 100 per cent responsible for their success.

5. Encourage them to say positive affirmations on a daily basis such as, “I am a confident and successful business person,” or “Each day in every way I am better and better,” or

“Increasing my business comes easily to me,” or “I live each day with passion and purpose.”
6. Empower your franchisees to adopt an attitude for gratitude. You simply cannot get more of what you want, until you are grateful for what you have.

Eliminating the F word

Ok, I know what you are thinking…what is she on about? The F word is something we see, feel and hear every day. It is something that makes us cringe. It can propel us forward, or more often, it can hold us back. It can be quite debilitating, creating a state of paralysis. It is the F word that prevents us from achieving all we want and more. FEAR is a silent killer within every aspiring entrepreneur and business person. Knowing how to help your franchisees control it and manage it will pay out dividends over and over.

The most common definition of FEAR is False Emotions Appearing Real. Fear is an emotion we feel. Fear is sometimes a good thing, as it can keep us safe from many a dangerous situation. The challenge is to know how to take control of your FEAR and move through situations that present opportunity and better outcomes.

Here’s eight quick ways you can help your franchisees overcome the FEAR factor and move forward in building more momentum in their business every day. Instill in your franchisees the following:

1. There is no failure – only feedback. This one statement alone can be extremely powerful. This enables one to completely eliminate the other F word from franchisees world. Imagine the world without the double emphasis on the F word. Failure and FEAR.
2. Take responsibility for all choices and decisions and then roll with it. Empowering your franchisees to be confident in their decisions will build more proactive franchisees for the long term.
3. B elieve in yourself. This is essential. I have met so many franchisees who just break down crying when they are with me. They just don’t believe they can do it. Changing core beliefs and achieving small milestones will help franchisees to believe in themselves.

4. Feel the fear and do it anyway – As Richard Branson has often said, “Screw it, Let’s Do it.”
5. B e aware of your inner chatter and have an alternative statement to end the negative
chatter. Being aware of the ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) is a great place to start.
Once you are aware of this process, you can make small changes to shift those thoughts in a new direction.
6. Make no-lose decisions. These are decisions that sit in the middle of both sides of what could be perceived as a right or wrong decision. Make no-lose decisions to move
forward faster.
7. Acknowledge that a high percentage of what we worry about never happens. So choose not to worry. Success is a choice.
8. Stop blaming and complaining. Take responsibility. Nothing is your fault, however everything is your responsibility.
9. Just nod your head and say, ‘Yes’.

Time to Take Action
• Have your franchisees refine their foundations by having them define what success means to them.
• B e sure your franchisees set out to take consistent action in order to achieve their goals – not just set them.
• Empower your franchisees and provide the necessary tools to help them change their
mindset first.
• Help your franchisees believe. There is no failure, only feedback, therefore they can bury the F word forever.
• Encourage your franchisees to maintain focus every day to ensure they are channeling their energy on high income and high impact producing activities.

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