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  • “Tania gets my highest recommendation as a business coach and mentor. As a business owner I have always known the value of having a business coach - someone to support you through the growth and development phases of your business. As my business has grown and my needs have changed I have worked with a number of different coaches. All of them have been valuable in their own way, but with Tania I finally have found the business coach I need. The difference is in Tania’s practical and hands-on approach to working with me and my business. I have been trained in all the theories of sales, marketing, business planning etc. but only since working with Tania have I truly been able to implement changes to optimise these areas. What is the true point of difference? Where everyone else told me “what” to do, Tania has been able to show me “how” to do it in my personal business context. Her unique ability to recognise, understand and explain all aspects of the business has clarified my thinking, but more importantly helped me put it into action. I have been thrilled with the results that Tania has helped me to achieve, both personally and professionally. I know my business would not be where it is today without her guidance, patience and support.”

    Melinda Zanetich
    Melinda Zanetich 4MAT | Learn Grow Lead Consulting
  • "You understand what companies face in all areas of their business no matter what size they are. You have the ability to communicate with all levels of staff and your presentation and work ethics are of a high level. What stands out the most is your interest and passion in achieving goals for all clients."    

    John Glover
    John Glover Pendragon
  • "Tania Allen from Vision Alliance has been working with me on the Salty Rooster business model and franchising system for the last 6 months. her outlook and forward thinking has put this project into a new dimension. I strongly believe that Tania has put the final touches to bring this project to life and her ability to communicate our vision to every prospect and franchisee in the future goes without question. I strongly recommend Tania and Vision Alliance to any person who wants to grow or franchise their business and have their vision come true!"

    Jimmy Sagiotis
    Jimmy Sagiotis Salty Rooster
  • "Since Tania has been involved in one of our franchise clients, we have noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of new franchise enquiries. She gets results, she understands her market and is an absolute guru in the world of franchising... In a market full of talk and little substance, Tania delivers results. Worth every cent I say."

    Tony Gattari
    Tony Gattari The Achievers Group
  • “I have worked with Tania Allen and seen her commitment and passion to see business people grow and thrive. Tania’s knowledge and extensive experience across a wide range of business categories enables her to provide valuable business input and training. Tania is passionate about any business she works on and commits to the success of that business….”

    Peter Irvine
    Peter Irvine Co Founder Gloria Jeans Coffees
  • “I can’t say enough about the positive change Tania at Vision Alliance has made to my business. Tania has helped me concentrate on the things that were stressing me out the most, funny enough it wasn’t sales. Tania has a wealth of knowledge and a result of the changes implemented we are better placed to handle the increase in sales we have had. I really enjoy working with Tania and recommend her to anyone who wants to be successful in their business.”

    Wendy Goni
    Wendy Goni XDesigns

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