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This is where the fun begins….
Kickstart change, re-ignite your passion & vision, lay new foundations for success

This is where the fun begins. It’s where we ignite your future success. No matter what program you dive into and move forward with, our journey together starts with a day together in a Business Ignition Day.

A builder wouldn’t build a house before drawing up a plan and ensuring the foundations are well laid, rock solid and are built with the right material to ensure it stands the test of time. Even with a renovation, structures need to be reviewed, often times changes made to the existing foundations before building the new begins.

Our Business Ignition days follow the same process and mindset.

The Business Ignition Day is carried out in a workshop style format usually in our training rooms in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. Your office is fine too, if its suitable and you’re willing to pay our travel costs  (if interstate) or if you’re unable to make it to a live Business Ignition Day, using the latest in cloud and online technology, we will stream live and run the workshop enabling you to still get the most from the session. There are no boundaries to getting things done and achieving success except for the ones you place around you and on yourself.

The Business Ignition Strategy Day also provides an opportunity for us to gain a penetrating insight into your business, your leadership style, current challenges of the business and also current challenges you are facing personally as a leader. We will explore what’s working, what’s not working and potentially what opportunities are being missed and not maximised.

Gaining insight into your current business model, your current team structure, your current leadership style just to name a few key things, is an important element to achieving future business acceleration. We will work with you to determine the GAP between where you are and where you want to be, paving the way for clarity about what needs to be done in order to create more solid foundations and a more solid position in the marketplace in preparation for growth and development. This will form the foundation to build upon throughout our time together.

Most coaching & consulting companies, will often times expect you to dive in to making big changes and shifts without taking the time to gain a thorough understanding of the current business model, structure, key drivers, mindset, team dynamics and the vision & leadership style of the Business Owner, CEO or Senior Executive.

The Business Ignition Day gives us both an opportunity to work together in a solid block before we begin the next part of the journey.

Our Clients Rave About Our Business Ignition Days…

“The Business Ignition Day was fantastic! It’s like getting six months of consulting and coaching in one day!”

“What happens when you take a day out of the business to work on your business with Tania Allen? Clarity happens! I am fortunate to not only consider this amazing lady my friend but a very inspirational author, coach, and business mentor. For many years I have wanted to work with Tania Allen. Today I was privileged to gain insight into that talent and I can’t wait to transition what I learned, into my life both professionally and personally. Thank you Tania”

The Benefits of A Business Ignition Day are endless…

  • improve your personal growth
  • maximise your leadership impact
  • maximise your efficiency, profitability and potential
  • develop more clarity, confidence & a Mindset for Success
  • learn how to delegate more effectively
  • manage and master your time
  • engage your teams to improve performance
  • achieve more balance
  • maximise your potential in business and in life
  • A Confidential Sounding Board
  • Strategic and Transformative Ideas
  • Support and Encouragement
  • Building Strong Leadership Capacity
  • Aligned core values and leadership principles
  • Master your key leadership success skills, improve time management, delegation and problem-solving skills
  • Maintain balance, reduce stress and gain interpersonal intelligence
  • Focus on outcomes, purpose and action steps
  • Expand social consciousness and gain new perspectives
  • Risk to increase innovation and maximize your leadership impact
  • Implement an integrated leadership strategy
  • Enjoy more time freedom to do the things you want.

A Vision Alliance Coach will:

  • Help you build a mindset for success
  • Inspire you, empower you, and motivate you to take action and build a great business.
  • Develop a workable and sustainable business model that works for you, your team and the marketplace
  • Hold you accountable – ensuring you take consistent daily action to build the business of  your dreams
  • Will help you develop long-term plans that will allow your business to function more efficiently and make more profit
  • Help you see the forest for the trees
  • Keep you focused on your short term and long term objectives
  • Help you stay committed and not just interested in success
  • Help you maximise your potential so you can get more out of business and more out of life

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